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2019 AQA 50th celebrations

The AQA 50th anniversary dinner was held earlier this month (October 5) at the Hagley Oval Pavilion with a fine meal and three video presentations from quarry veterans – Bruce Taylor, George Cunningham, and Eric Souchon.

The evening also included an excellent presentation by Jim O’Brien from GAIN – the Global Aggregates Information Network.
A feature of Jim’s articulate presentation on global aggregate was the sheer scale of production from Asia, particularly China, and far greater than other combined markets around the world including Europe.
This reflects not only the scale of infrastructure building in China, but its leadership in becoming the global best practice standard for the aggregates industry. China produces at least 25 million tonnes of limestone and around 19 billion tonnes of aggregate every year.
A possible threat to local production is the fact Asia is increasingly exporting aggregate around the world.

AQA chief Wayne Scott officially opens the evening.Jim O’Brien’s presentation on global aggregate production.The J Swap crew: Andrew Frank, Dudley Clemens, Mike Taranaki, and Craig Payne.Steve Ellis, Stevenson Aggregates; Wayne Scott AQA; Jayden Ellis, Stevenson Aggregates; and Eric Souchon, Leach & Co.The OGB bar in the heritage hotel – voted Christchurch’s best bar three years in a row.The iconic Christ Church Cathedral still in ruins. After years of debate, the church is rebuilding it next year.Rebuilt Oxford Terrace restaurant precinctJim O’Brien, president of GAIN.

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