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A day in Stevies’ Drury Pit

This article first appeared in Q&M‘s December-January issue.

This panorama photograph, taken November 10 2016 from the eastern edge of Stevenson Resources’ remodelled Drury quarry pit in South Auckland, captures a wide number of operations.

p26-a-day-in-stevies-drury-300x300On the far left top of the pit (at the tree line) are Twomey Construction scrapers being pushed by a D8 dozer (see insert for a closer look) to create a new 15-metre haul road that will link the new northern face all the way to Auckland’s Southern Motorway.
The hill sitting on the middle top of the picture is being scalped and distributed down on the western flats for the new industrial park owned by Stevensons.
At the bottom left of the pit are two mobile crushers working in unison. One is crushing material that is hauled down to the main crushing/screening plant outside of the pit for further product refining. The other mobile crusher is making material for the quarry’s pugmill.
On the western side is a dumpster making the 15 minute round trip out of the pit with a load.
At the start of the north-western wall is the pit pond with its remarkably clear water, being pumped up to a water cart.
At the right hand north-western wall are three operations. On the very top bench is the new Sandvik Scalper QE441 at work with a 50 tonne Hyundai excavator and a loader, screening three different sizes of aggregate.
Down a few levels and you can see the primary excavator at work – a Hyundai 1200 – loading up a dumpster.
On the bottom bench are two drilling rigs preparing blast holes about 20 metres in from the edge to provide around 20,000 cubic metres of loose rock.
On the far right is an operation screening recycling asphalt millings for client Downer.

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