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Hitachi ZW-5: New workhorse for quarrying and mining

Hitachi ZW-5 range of wheel loaders just got bigger and better.

With work often happening around the clock on a quarry or mine site, machinery reliability, operator comfort and ease of use are critical.
Hitachi’s exciting new ZW-5 range of wheel loaders just got bigger, with nine models in the lineup, ranging from ZW140-5 through to the impressive 47-tonne ZW550-5, and all equipped with powerful engines that deliver strong digging performance and are capable of impressive travel speeds.
Developed in response to customer demand for high productivity, lower fuel consumption and a low total cost of ownership, these very versatile machines are suitable for an extensive range of applications including construction, forestry, agriculture, mining and quarrying industries.
“The ZW310-5B is perfect for large quarries and also the lower end of the mining market,” says CablePrice National Equipment sales manager, Alex Kelly.
“It ticks all the boxes when it comes to getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.”
The addition of the Lift Arm Auto Leveller feature allows the operator to adjust the position of the lift arm kick out to meet dumping height, and aids the speedy transition to digging work by automatically adjusting the stopping height of the lift arm to a level set by the operator in the monitor.
The new hydraulic circuit feature enhances combined operation of the bucket and lift arm during digging, but bucket operation is prioritised when the lift arm is raised over the level set by the operator, which improves bucket dumping speed. After dumping a load, the ‘Return to Dig’ feature with the bucket priority allows the operator to quickly return to digging work.
The ZW-5 range can be ordered with one of three types of front arms depending on the type of work being carried out; standard Z bar lift arm, high Z bar lift arm or parallel linkage.
The loaders have been designed with two work modes to get the most out of the machine in specific situations, while still maintaining low fuel consumption and maximum productivity. In standard mode, engine revs are controlled to maintain smooth operation in normal conditions. In power mode, engine revs are increased and extra traction is delivered for heavy digging or travelling uphill.
Operator comfort and safety has been carefully considered in the ZW-5 range too, with several modifications made to the wheel loaders’ already spacious cab to offer excellent forward, side and rearward visibility – critical for site safety.
The pillar-less front windshield combined with the large sun visor can effectively block the sun’s glare, creating excellent forward visibility, while the rear-view camera automatically displays when reverse is selected, allowing the operator to see directly behind the machine. The rear counterweight is also visible from both sides of the machine.
Cab comfort includes a heated air suspension seat which can now slide further back, creating more leg room, and the tilting telescopic pop-up steering column has been repositioned to create additional space. Temperature in the cab is regulated with effective air conditioning, and noise levels are reduced thanks to a high level of sound insulation. A double air conditioner filter protects the driver when working in potentially hazardous environments, such as indoor disposal facilities, or where there is dust or industrial waste.
The new ZW-5 wheel loaders have also been equipped with a satellite communication system, which sends a wide range of machine data to Hitachi’s main server. Using the Global e-Service database, customers have remote access to all of this data – all that is required is an Internet connection and Global e-Service login details.
Global e-Service enables the customer and CablePrice to download and share the machine’s data and remotely manage their fleets. The online facility also helps CablePrice to proactively advise on preventive maintenance.
CablePrice Fleet manager Peter Finlay says the information captured in this system provides valuable insight on machine performance.
“Up to date machine information is available 24/7 and includes operational data, such as the number of working hours, fuel consumption figures, working modes and location,” he says.
“This helps customers to reduce running costs, plan jobs efficiently and keep up to date with machine maintenance to ensure optimum performance and minimal downtime.”
A number of models from the new range have been set-up in different configurations to suit different applications and are currently on demonstrations around the country.  These new machines will also make an appearance on the CablePrice stand at National Fieldays at Mystery Creek this month.
• For more on the full range of Hitachi ZW-5 wheel loaders, visit www.cableprice.co.nz, or contact your local CablePrice equipment sales specialist.

This article first appeared in Q&M‘s June-July issue.

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