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A busy West Coast-based mining and aggregates contractor has recently invested in heavyweight crushing capability from mineral technologies leader Kleemann.

Ross (Rosco) Moore of Rosco Contractors in Reefton has recently updated his fleet with a new German-manufactured Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 Z jaw crusher, which is serviced and supported by Wirtgen New Zealand.

“It was the reputation of Gary Payne from Wirtgen New Zealand as much as the capabilities of the machine that sold me on it,” says Moore.

“I’ve bought gear off Gary in the past and he really knows his stuff. We’re crushing in some pretty remote locations so to have the reassurance of good back-up service and the phone number of a bloke I trust is really important.”

Ross Moore Rosco Contractors QM Magazine Content Image 1
Ross Moore – Rosco Contractors QM Magazine Content Image 1

Initially Moore was looking at a larger Kleemann MR 110 Z impactor but decided on the 39.5-ton jaw crusher on these pages instead.

“Cost was one thing certainly, but actually more than that it came down to the tonnage we’re expecting to process over the next year or so. I like to be working at capacity at all times, but we still chase work whenever it’s there; there’s no point having a machine sitting idle for too long.”

Moore says Rosco Contracting is currently assessing a large railway ballast job, for which the Kleemann jaw crusher will be deployed. His team has been running some trials with the machine at their nearby stockpile, but he knows the machine’s feed rate of approximately 300 ton per hour will provide more than enough grunt for the task.

“Before we invested in the machine I went over to Blenheim with Gary to have a look at a Kleemann jaw over there. I was genuinely blown away by the size of the rocks going into it. It just chomps through absolutely everything without any fuss and you have AP65 coming out the other end; it’s an impressive machine.”

Moore says that, by his best estimate, the Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 Z has almost tripled his throughput when compared to his previous jaw crusher (which is now being adapted for gold screening).

“It’ll process material as quick as you can feed it. We’ve had our 25 ton digger feeding it and the operator has had to move fast in order to keep up.”

Ross Moore - Rosco Contractors QM Magazine Content Image 2
Ross Moore – Rosco Contractors QM Magazine Content Image 2

The Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 Z jaw crusher has an inlet opening measuring 1100mm x 700mm which helps it achieve that impressive maximum feed capacity of 300 ton per hour. It’s a consistent performer and offers up effective primary screening thanks to an independent double-deck pre-screen.

The hopper walls are integrated into the chassis which makes it a robust unit. A fully hydraulic crushing gap adjustment guarantees quick setup times and naturally the jaw crusher is tracked for quick relocation.

“All my machines are tracked these days,” continues Moore. “It’s just a smarter, faster way to work. We have a low-loader on the fleet so we can shift our gear wherever it’s required – and with our multiple sites, we utilise this a fair bit. Being able to walk the jaw crusher onto the transporter makes the whole process that much simpler.”

Rosco Contracting has its headquarters in Reefton, but the company oversees several gold and coal mining operations around the West Coast and further afield.

In addition to its ease-of-transportation, Moore says that the Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 Z is future-proofing his operation in other ways thanks to its integrated safety systems.

“The crushing power the machine offers is one thing, but Kleemann gear comes with all guarding in place which helps with our WorkSafe responsibilities. Also when it comes to servicing, all of the panels open up wide and you can get to everything easily. It’s cleverly designed.”

As to the future, Moore is of the opinion that more work will inevitably equal more gear.

“One day I will replace my screen and get a bigger one. We screen coal and gravel so there are differing weights and consistencies that we deal with. This sort of technology takes any issues out of that scenario though; we can feed straight from the jaw onto the screen regardless of the material.

“All-in-all I’m really happy with the machine and the service Gary at Wirtgen New Zealand is providing our operation. It’s been a good move for us.”

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