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Shifting sands: new loader at work for Perry Resources

On the banks of the Waikato River a new Hyundai loader is spending its days hard at work in one of Perry Resources’ sand quarries.

Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 1
Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 1

Perry Resources operates a sand quarry in Tuakau, where the Auckland region meets Waikato at the bottom of the Bombay Hills. Here they produce a number of grades of sand for the commercial market.

Things start ramping up at this time of the year as demand increases with the start of the construction season – but their sand products are also popular for sports fields and golf courses.

Perrys has a dredge which, working from a small lake of its own making, some 150 metres from the edge of the river, sucks sand up out of the ground and blows it into a pit. From there it is picked up and taken to be screened and washed before sale. And this is where a new Hyundai HL770- 9 wheel loader can be found at work.

Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 2
Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 2

The Hyundai is used as a second loader in the sand quarry, working when the main loader is busy. It is used to load the hopper that feeds the screening plant, or to fill the trucks that have come to take the sand away to various projects.

Tuakau site supervisor Mike Corban says the Hyundai is there to take the pressure off when things get busy, and “it does the job well”.

“It’s very nice to drive, and comfortable – it rides well,” he says. “It’s very operator friendly – the controls are easy to get to.”

Mike says they produce six different sand products at the Tuakau quarry. They have a full processing facility here, producing sand for all grades of concrete, construction, block and tile production, pumice and turf sands.

The turf sands are designed with national and international specifications in mind. They’ve been used in all the major stadiums in the Auckland and Waikato regions, and for constructing and topdressing maintenance of sand sports fields throughout the upper North Island.

Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 3
Hyundai HL770-9 Wheel Loader Content Image 3

“Summer is a busy time for us,” says Mike. “Things are taking off right now with construction season starting, parks being top dressed, drainage being redone, and so on.”

He says the facility at Tuakau processes between 1200 and 1500 tonnes of raw material daily.

“The plant runs from 7am to 5pm, although when we’re busy we will operate 7am to 7pm.”

He says they have a team of four on site, any of whom are trained to operate the new Hyundai loader.

A key feature of the HL770-9 wheel loader is its large operator’s cab, with rounded front glass and large door glass for a bigger field of view.

The cab also has an easy-to-read colour LCD display, an integrated load weight system, viewable through the monitor, and a self diagnostic and monitoring system with active display of engine, hydraulic system, transmission and electrical component information.

The loader has a reliable, fuel efficient, low noise Cummins Tier-lll QSL engine and is electronically controlled for optimum fuel to air ratio and clean, efficient combustion.

Perry Resources acquired its new machine from Hyundai distributor Porter Group. Porters is a leading supplier of heavy equipment throughout the country – it sells both new and used machines as well as providing rental equipment.

Porters says the Hyundai HL 9 series loader is a fine example of high quality engineering and workmanship, with special attention given to increased performance, safety and serviceability.

“The 9 series gives satisfaction in higher power, lower fuel consumption, more comfort and lower emission compared with before.”

The Hyundai wheel loaders are designed to allow the operator to customise the machine’s engine power, automatic transmission shift timing and clutch cut-off activation based on the job condition and personal operator preference.

Hyundai says HL770-9 wheel loader has enhanced axles for improved driving on uneven ground conditions. Self adjusting brakes automatically compensate disc wear, reduce service intervals and improve brake performance, and the new load sensing hydraulic system with a variable volume piston pump and closed center main control valve, provide efficient hydraulic power and additional energy savings.

These features all promote durability and reliability, something necessary in a machine that has a long working career ahead of it. The operation at Tuakau is just three and a half years into a 20-year consent.

Perry Resources has the mining rights on this piece of HC Booker Farms, and after the sand is quarried out the land is rehabilitated and returned to farmland.

Mike says they accept clean fill and concrete from commercial suppliers. This is used to fill the hole made by the dredge. A layer of topsoil is then applied and grass sown so the farm can resume grazing.

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