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Unique South Australia reference library

South Australia Drill Core Reference Library QM Magazine Featured Image

One of the world’s most advanced drill core reference libraries holding 130 years of mining samples will open in South Australia in July.

The $32.2 million South Australia Drill Core Reference Library in Adelaide holds 7.5 million metres of drill core samples from across South Australia and has the capacity to display up to two kilometres of cores for inspection on a series of automated conveyor belts in the main viewing area at any one time.

It also features a 3D viewing room, which uses virtual reality technology to give geologists a worms-eye view of geology and mineral deposits under the earth’s surface.

This facility and its collection is constantly evolving as it continues to receive new drill core samples from ongoing exploration programmes as well as generating data from state-of-the-art ‘real time’ on site sample analysis capabilities. Drill core can be viewed in a spacious core viewing hall as well as integrated with South Australia’s renowned geoscience data sets within an immersive 3D theatre.

The reference library is located at the site of a former Mitsubishi car manufacturing plant, which has been converted into a modern hub for high-value industries.

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