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Longburn Shingle Company: a case study

 The Longburn Shingle company has been producing crushed and washed aggregates from its plant at Palmerston North for more than 30 years.

Longburn specialises in washed sand and gravel products – offering a range of more than 30 aggregate products and has been using a trade-certified weighbridge for the past 25 years.
Recently, the company decided to automate its weighbridge, and company director Phil Gordon says they wanted only the best, cutting-edge technology to do this. Longburn needed weighbridge software that could satisfy three criteria:

  • Execute an unmanned weighbridge with clear and concise instruction between truck drivers, even non- account customers and the loader(s).
  • Create efficiency by reducing load times, work smarter not harder, and enable access to key operational data, easily, from anywhere.
  • Integrate our Quarry Management Software of choice with existing accounting application, Xero.

“We had a demo of the WrightZone weighbridge software, which ticked all the boxes,” says Phil.
WrightZone provides a commercial software solution for the weighing industry. Offering a significant break-through for Industry 4.0 with its loader scales software. It’s hardware independent, meaning it’s plug and play into new and existing loader/weighbridge scale hardware. It offers a safe, electronic method of collecting and tracking materials demand in real-time.
At Longburn Shingle, customers arrive at the weighbridge, entering their details, the product they’re after and the volume they want; this data is sent wirelessly, to the tablet in the loader.
The operator meets the customer at the correct stockpile and gets down to the business of loading – no unnecessary driving around the quarry, no one out of their vehicle, no wasted time, and no paperwork.
“Previously, the customer would have to search the quarry for the loader, or vice versa,” says Phil.
“Now the loader knows the customer name, the time they entered the quarry, the tare weight of their truck, the product they want and how much of it. And once it’s loaded, the info is exported and synchronized into our accounting system, with Xero ready for invoicing.”
WrightZone installed the computer hardware (a point of sale terminal and a server) to Longburn Shingle’s existing weighbridge, along with a wireless network throughout the quarry. It supplied two tablets which the loader operators drop into cradles in the cab of whichever of the company’s three loaders they’re using – they turn them on, and it doesn’t matter where the operators go in the quarry, they’re still connected to the weighbridge system.
They go about their business, and when a customer arrives at the weighbridge and initiates a transaction, the necessary information appears on the tablet screen, and the loader heads off to meet the customer and fill their truck and/or trailer.
“Aaron and the team at WrightZone have been great,” says Phil.
“They were always available – either on the phone or on-site – and did everything they could to make the rollout easy. Their support has been fantastic.
“They wanted to deliver a really good solution for us – they asked us what our best-case solution would be, and never said it couldn’t be done.
“WrightZone enhanced their product over and above the standard software to give us exactly what we wanted.”
Outside of the already feature-rich, turnkey solution that WrightZone provides, the wish list included:

  • That the tare weight of the truck would show on the tablet in the loader
  • That the amount of product the customer wanted transmits to the loader
  • The actual weighbridge scale reading is available when the customer arrived at the quarry.

“We can also see the vehicle weight when it goes out the gate,” says Phil.
“This gives us a full 360-degree overview of the transaction.”
The standard features of the WZ Loader Scales tablet software include online and offline entry and exit processing for loaders – well suited to remote locations – and of course interoperability for manned or unmanned weighbridge operations, where the full solution comes into play.
The software provides more than data and analysis between weighbridge and loader scale devices, but real-time instruction of product, order, and target weight per truck, trailer, or both, direct to the loader’s tablet.
Content supplied by WrightZone.

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