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CoCs and CPD requirements during lockdowns

The New Zealand Mining Board of Examiners during lockdown 4 and 3 couldn’t process new CoC applications and oral examinations were cancelled, but said it is important that renewal applications were still submitted during lockdown.

“This will allow you to comply with the regulations. The Board and Secretariat recognise you are not able to get documents certified during alert levels three and four. Please submit your renewal application with the uncertified documents and send in certified documents once you can. The important thing is to get your renewal application in before/on the due date.

The Board also reminded CoC holders that they have five years of the duration of their CoC to complete their CPD hours.

“This current lockdown will have the most impact on those CoC holders who are due to renew their CoC soon and were relying on upcoming CPD activities to meet their CPD requirements,” it said last month.

“If you are in risk of not completing your CPD requirements before you are due to submit your renewal application, or you are not working on site during lockdown and looking for constructive ways to use your time the Board and Secretariat has the following suggestions:

“You can read relevant publications and listen to relevant podcasts and claim these as restricted hours. You do not need evidence for these two restricted activities; however, you will need a particularly strong key learning to demonstrate what you learnt and how you applied/intend to apply in the workplace. A reminder that depending on your CoC you can only claim either 10 or 20 restricted hours. Please check first how many restricted hours you say have already claimed.

“Development or formal review of critical health and safety documents are an unrestricted CPD activity that has the potential to be completed during lockdown. Remember to think carefully about suitable evidence that demonstrates your involvement and a strong key learning to demonstrate what you learnt and how you applied/intend to apply in the workplace.

“There are a variety of pre recorded webinars (which are an unrestricted activity) which are available from various industry groups. Industry groups may also provide some live ones during lockdown. Now is the time to check out these webinars.

“There are a variety of online courses that would be relevant to CoCs, these would be an unrestricted activity.”

The Secretariat says it is always ready to help if you have any further question or concerns please do not hesitate to contact it: 04 901 4980 or BoE_Secretariat@worksafe.govt.nz.


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