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Versatile new trommel now available 

versatile new trommel now available

The MDS M518 recycling trommel is the latest machine to be added to the MDS fleet distributed by Mimico, and is a compact track trommel designed to be used in many applications such as compost, general waste as well as rubber and plastics. 

The market for recycling trommels is vast, says Mimico, with many options available but the MDS International M518R, is a clear stand-out, it says. 

“MDS used experience gained from its heavy duty trommel range to build a recycling trommel that does not compromise on quality and productivity. 

“The M518R is made with the customer in mind. MDS kept its range of customers from around the world at the centre of its design, continuing consultations throughout the design and production process to produce a superior recycling trommel.”

The design offers an overall reduced height at 3.14 metres, which allows it to be hauled on regular low body and standard transport trailers.

“MDS was able to achieve this with a minimal but sleek design with a low centre of gravity, yet still offering the ability to achieve high stockpile heights,” says Garth Taylor, Mimico’s  Crushing and Screening Business manager.

The M518R is built to allow easy change of configuration of its drums so the customer can make different grades of product using the same unit, he adds.

“The machine is equipped with a hydraulic drum removal system that brings the drum out of the side and is easily changed using a standard forklift. This whole process can be completed within 30 minutes and ensures the customer has minimal downtime while changing configurations.”

MDS offers three different styles of drums to cater for varied applications. The drums are made as frames onto which different size media can be fixed. Drum frames are available to suit screen mesh for soil and compost applications, punch plate to suit recycling and materials with rock contamination, and a heavy-duty rock drum with interchangeable mesh segments. Mimico says this makes the M518R very versatile as it can have drums with openings from 1mm to 150mm. 

The unit is also compact so it can be transported with ease. In addition, the trommel is on tracks which makes it simple to load on and off low body trailers. The M518R can also be used as a washing trommel with the washing system installed. This includes a sealed drum section, washing pipes and washing tray underneath for drainage.

This particular model has been running in the UK and Europe with high praise, says Mimico. “Customers have reported the unit has achieved processing rates far exceeding those of their existing trommels and screens. 

“The ability to change the drum speed allows them to alter their setup and process material better. The M518R runs on CAT 2.2 diesel engine and delivers an economical fuel efficiency of seven litres per minute.”

The M518R is especially useful in processing general waste, compost, soil, woodchip, rubber, and plastics, says Mimco

“MDS believes this trommel will revolutionise the recycling industry and make the machine more accessible to many recycling centres due to its cost benefits and ease of access and use.”

For more visit: www.mimico.co.nz

This article was first published in the April 2021 issue of Quarrying and Mining Magazine. 

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